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(14/314) 1286398 - HTML/XHTML DTD and JavaScript-Syntaxhighlighting

If you specify a DTD in a HTML-file, the parser doesn't
care about it, that shouldn't be.
And if you want to handle XHTML-files, you have to
parse them with XML as parser, but then JavaScript
isn't syntax-highlighted.

Submitted vampire0 - 2005-09-10 - 04:05:30z Assigned nobody
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2007-03-06 - 21:49:59z
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Regarding the highlighting:
Attached is a patched xml mode file for jEdit 4.3 (pre9). It highlights embedded JavaScript, VBScript and CSS Stylesheets.

My knowlege about xml is unfortunately unsufficient to test the mode well. So I wonder why this highlighting is done in the supplied html mode but not in xml mode. I only copied the appropriate sections from html.xml to xml.xml.

File Added: xml.xml


2007-03-06 - 21:49:58z

patched xml mode for jEdit 4.3 (pre9) - highlights embedded scripts